1995 SIKORSKY S76C+ S/N 760436


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12+2 Seats Utility Configuration
Aircraft Enrolled on Turbomeca SBH and Sikorsky PAP
Emergency Floats and External Mounted Life Rafts
Litter Kit
Auxiliary Fuel Tank
ADS-B Fitted



Total Hours: 13,547 Hours
Total Cycles: 38,611 Cycles



Turbomeca Arriel 2S1

Engine 1
Serial Number: 20640TEC
Total Hours: 4,825 Since New
Total Landing: 7,171 Since New

Engine 2
Serial Number: 20655TEC
Total Hours: 8,678 Since New
Total Landing: 9,264 Since New



IFR Certified
Autopilot or AFCS
Two (2) VHF COMM Primary Transceivers with 1 VHF Minimum
KXP-756 Mode S Transponder
One (1) C406-2HM TSO C126 ELT
Passenger Briefing Cards
GNS 530W GPS (IFR TSO Preferred, Non IFR TSO is Acceptable for Single Engine)
First Aid Kit
HALON Fire Extinguisher
Satellite Tracking System or Similar Member Approved Equipment
Survival Equipment, Appropriate for Environment Being Flown (Arctic, Jungle, Desert, Sea)
KTR953 HF Transceiver
KDF-806 ADF, 2 Required if ADF is Only Navigation Source
2 VOR/ILS & 1 DME (Where DME is Avail)
KRA-405 Radio Altimeter with Audito/Visual Alert
Primus 50 Weather Radar with Colour Screen
Public Address / Intercom (PA) System
FDAP MANUAL 1.1 Flight Data Monitoring (FDM, OFDM, HFDM, HOMP, FOQA) Unit
Emergency Exist Lighting System
90-Dayulb Underwater Locator Beacon Sonar Transmitter (Pinger)
Medical Evacuation
it Capability
De-Icing Equipment
Collision Avoidance System TCAS – Active Interrogating Only
Heating for Cabin
Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator(IVSI)
External Mounted Life Rafts
Aircraft Flotation Equipment
Passenger life Vests, Constant Wear
Pilot Vest with Voice Capability Emergency Radio
Auto Inflation of Fuselage Floats
Life Raft Emergency Radio/Beacon/Transponder
Emergency Pop-out Window
Litter Kit
Aux Fuel Tank

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