2013 GULFSTREAM G650ER S/N 6041


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Total Hours: 2,205 Hours
Total Landings: 1,006 Landings



Rolls Royce BR700-725A1-12
On Condition (Task Oriented) & Enrolled on Rolls-Royce CorporateCare

Engine #1
Serial Numbers: 25163
Total Hours: 2,205
Engine Cycles: 1,006

Engine #2
Serial Numbers: 25164
Total Hours: 2,205
Engine Cycles: 1,006



Honeywell RE220 (G650)
Enrolled on Honeywell MSP Gold
Serial Numbers: P-145
Total Hours: 1,764 Hours



Gulfstream PlaneViewTM II Avionics System
Triple (3) Flight Management Systems (FMS)
Enhanced NAV (FANS-1A+, CPDLC)
Triple (3) Modular Avionics Units (MAUs)
Four (4) Large Flat Panel LCD Electronic Display Units (Pilot PFD-MFD & Copilot PFD-MFD)
Dual (2) Standby Multifunction Controllers (SMC)
Triple (3) Multi-Function Control Display Units (MCDU)
Dual (2) Cursor Control Devices (CCD)
Four (4) Multifunction Air Data Probes (MFP) Air Data System
Triple (3) Inertial Reference Systems (IRS)
Dual (2) Global Positioning Systems (GPS) w/ Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS)
Datalink VDL Mode 2
Synthetic Vision – Primary Flight Display (SV-PFD)
Head-Up Display (HUD)
Enhanced Vision System II (EVS)
One (1) Data Loading LAN Management Unit (DLMU)
Dual (2) High Frequency (HF) Communications
Dual (2) Very High Frequency (VHF) Communications
One (1) VHF Communication / Navigation (NAVCOM) Unit
VHF Navigation, Instrument Landing System (ILS), and Market Beacon
Dual (2) Mode S Transponders w/ ADS-B Out Capabilities (DO-260B Compliant)
Traffic & Collision Avoidance System (TCAS 7.1)
Dual (2) Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) Transceivers
Satellite Communications System (SATCOM)
Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems (EGPWS)
Flight Data Recorder System (FDR) – Twenty-Five (25) Hour Recording (88 Parameters)
Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)
3-D Color Weather Radar
Dual (2) Digital Radio Altimeters
Automatic Flight Guidance System
Autothrottle System
Central Maintenance Computer (CMC)
Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)
Pilot & Copilot Emergency Vision Assurance Systems (EVAS)
Automated Direction Finder (ADF)



Aircell ATG-4000 Gogo Biz® Hi-Speed Internet Service
Honeywell SATCOM w/ HD-710 Swift Broadband High Speed Data System (Inmarsat)
Honeywell AIS-2000 Satellite TV System
Honeywell Inmarsat Satellite Communication System
Aircell Axxess II Iridium Satellite Telephone System
Interfaced Inmarsat and Iridium SATCOM Systems
Wireless (Wi-Fi) Local Area Network (LAN) System w/ Shared Network Printer
Runway Awareness Advisory (RAAS)
One (1) 26” LCD Monitor in the Right-Hand Fwd Cabin Bulkhead
One (1) 26″ LCD Monitor with Electric Lift and Swivel Mounted in the Right-Hand Credenza
One (1) 26” LCD Monitor in the Right-Hand Aft Cabin Bulkhead
One (1) 17” LCD Monitor in the in Crew Rest Compartment
Six (6) 12.1” LCD Personal Monitors in Each of the Six (6) Single Seat Inboard Armrests
Dual Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Player
Three (2) External Cameras
Gulfstream CabinViewTM Passenger Flight Information System
Currently Operated FAR Part 91
Cockpit Printer
SecuraPlane 500 Aircraft Security System



ASC 002A Comm. Management Function – ARINC DIRECT Data
ASC 005A Runway Awareness Advisory System (RAAS) – Installation
ASC 007 Predictive Windshear (PWS) – Activation
ASC 011 Engine Electronic Controller – K6.2.1 Software Upgrade
ASC 012A Aircraft Health and Trend Monitoring System – Software Update
ASC 014B (P2) GVI Extended Range (G650ER) – Modifications
ASC 015 Emergency Vision Assurance System (EVAS) – Provisions Installation
ASC 016 Engine Electronic Controller – K7.1.3 Software Upgrade
ASC 020 Pressure Fueling / Defueling Adapter – Hardware Replacement
ASC 021 Wing Leading Edge #1 Inboard Anti-Ice Tube Modification
ASC 026 Airport Access – 74,900 Pound Weight Limitation
ASC 31A Observer Seat Closeout – Installation
ASC 033 Battery Charger Circuit Breaker Protective Covers Installation
ASC 035 Nose Wheel Steering Control Unit – Upgrade
ASC 036B ADS-B Out Version 2 – Installation
ASC 037 FCC Software Update
ASC 038A Indicating / Recording (ATA 31) – PlaneView II Avionics Enhancement
ASC 040 Hydraulic Replenisher Pump – Placard Installation
ASC 041A Tail Comp. Ladder Attach Fittings and Stops Replacement
ASC 042A Aft Upper Panel Fuselage Station (FS) 1083 Gusset – Installation
ASC 043A Engine Operating Limits – Placard Installation
ASC 047 Ecology Bottle Vent Drain Line – Installation
ASC 049A P 1/2/3 Parts 1, 2, & 3 Cockpit Improvements
ASC 050A Fuel Servicing Door – Refueling Decal and Door Hold Open Installation
ASC 051A Secondary Power Distribution System (SPDS) Software Update
ASC 052B Main Entrance Door – Noise Reduction
ASC 053 P 1/2/3 P 1, 2, & 3 Main Entrance Door – Bottom Folding Step Mech. & Airstair Mods
ASC 054 Emergency Vision Assurance System (EVAS) – Installation
ASC 055B Autobrake System – Installation
ASC 056 Engine Electronic Controller – K6.2.2 Software Upgrade
ASC 057 Enhanced Vision System (EVS) Head-Down Video Function – Installation
ASC 058 Main Entrance Door Storage Box Spring Replacement
ASC 060A Main Entrance Door – Water Intrusion Reduction Modification
ASC 061 Waster Service Panel – Placard Installation
ASC 064A Equipment Bay Water Shield – Installation
ASC 065 Main Entrance Door Manual Operation Mechanism – Installation
ASC 066A Main Entrance Door (Med) – Emed Rigging Improvement
ASC 067A Windshield Heat Temperature Sensing Element Bonding Jumper – Installation
ASC 069 Primary Flight Control Actuation Syst. Remote Electronics Unit Software Update
ASC 072A APU Power Feeder Cable Installation – Modification
ASC 073 Tire Pressure Monitoring Unit (TPMU) Software Upgrade
ASC 074B Nose Wheel Steering System – Upgrade
ASC 076B Aircraft Health and Trend Monitoring System – Software Update 2
ASC 079 Landing Gear Control Unit Mod D Update
ASC 081 Med Latch Actuator Upgrade
ASC 083 Flap Track D Rub Strips – Removal
ASC 084A Main Landing Gear and Brake Assembly – Modification
ASC 086 Main Entry Door – Service Door Panel Security Cover – Installation
ASC 088A Engine Electronic Controller – K8.0.2 Software Upgrade
ASC 089 Doors (ATA 52), MED – Bottom Folding Step Stop Bolts – Replacement
ASC 090A Hydraulic Filter Monitoring System – Installation and Activation
ASC 091A Acoustic Door Noise Reduction – Modification
ASC 092 Primary Flight Control Motor Control Electronic Software Upgrade
ASC 093 Flight Controls (ATA 27) – FCC Software Update
ASC 094 Doors (ATA 52) – Electric Main Entrance Door (Emed) Wear PAD Modification
ASC 095 Auxiliary Power Unit Enclosure Installation – Modification
ASC 097 Primary Flight Control Actuation System Remo
ASC 098 Horizontal Stabilizer Control Unit Software Update
ASC 099A Main Entrance Door – Bottom Folding Step Mechanism Improvement
ASC 102 Modification FCC Software V8.2 Update
ASC 103 Auxiliary Hydraulic Pump – Grounding Installation
ASC 110A Flap Electronic Control Unit (Fecu) Software Update
ASC 111A Engine FIRE Bottle Harness Installation – Modification
ASC 113A APU Exhaust Fairing Drainage – Modification
ASC 116A Battery Charger MODE Control Relays & Elec. Backup Hyd. Actuator Battery Charger No. 2 – Removal
ASC 117 Hyd Line Support Bracket Install – Mod to Provide Side Brace Actuator Clearance
ASC 122A FIRE Protection (ATA 26) – Engine FIRE Extinguishing Bottle Cartridge – Wiring – Modification, Aircraft
Service Change (Optional)
ASC 123A APU Electronic Control Unit Software – Update
ASC 124A Pylon Seal Retainer – Modification
ASC 131 Flap Track C Roller Fitting – Rub PAD Installation
ASC 133 Engine Electronic Controller – K9.0.1 Software Modification
ASC 134A Part I Wedge Installation – Trailing Edge, Rudder
ASC 134B Part I/II Wedge Installation – Trailing Edge, Rudder
ASC 135 Flight Control Computer (FCC) Software Update V10.1
ASC138 Engine Fuel & Control (ATA 73) – Engine Electronic Controller – K10.1 Software
Upgrade, Aircraft Service Change (Optional)
ASC 902A Indicating / Recording (ATA 31) – Planeview II Master Op Syst Software Update



Engines are On Condition (Task Oriented) & Enrolled on Rolls-Royce CorporateCare.
APU Enrolled on Honeywell MSP Gold.
Aircraft Enrolled on Gulfstream-AOS (formerly PlaneParts) – Services Include:
Gulfstream AMM Chapter 5 & CMP Scheduled Maintenance Labor
Gulfstream AMM Chapter 5 & CMP Scheduled Maintenance Parts & Consumables
Honeywell MSP Avionics
Honeywell MSP Mechanical Components
Wheel Assemblies (Estimated Wheel Overhauls)
Technical Information Publications:
Maintenance Library (CDR/Online)
Aircraft Flight Manual
Aircraft Health Monitoring System
AHMS Cellular Service Data Plan
Aircraft Enrolled on MSG-3 Program and Gulfstream MYCMP Maintenance Tracking Program.



Completed August 2013 @ Gulfstream – Savannah, GA
The 13 passenger Forward Galley Interior features a crew jump seat, forward crew vacuum lavatory, forward crew rest area, forward main galley, and aft main lavatory. The entry area includes the Left-Hand Side forward crew lavatory, Right-Hand Side forward crew rest area, the Left-Hand Side full-service main galley and Right-Hand Side forward full-service main galley annex. The entry area and forward cabin are separated by an electric pocket door. The interior features a 3-zone cabin with a forward cabin 4-place club, a mid-cabin 4-place conference group opposite a credenza, followed by an aft room with 2 club chairs opposite a 3-place divan separated from the main-cabin by a bulkhead with an electric pocket door. The club chairs and divan are upholstered in a light tan leather, fabric, complemented by a grey patterned carpet. The galley and lav countertops are a gray/brown quartz polymer surface, and the interior woodwork and cabinetry finished in a medium high gloss veneer with beautiful graining. All exposed cabin functional and decorative metal surfaces are plated in a chrome brushed satin finish. The private aft lavatory and dressing area features a mirrored, lighted vanity, sink, central vacuum style flushing toilet, ample closet and storage areas, and in-flight accessibility to the spacious walk-in aft baggage compartment. Multiple 115VAC/60Hz outlets are located throughout the cockpit, vestibule, lavatories, cabin, and baggage compartment areas for crew and passenger use.

Cabin entertainment includes a Dual Slot BluRay/DVD/CD Player which can be viewed on One (1) 26” LCD Monitor in the RightHand Fwd Cabin Bulkhead, One (1) 26” LCD Monitor in the Right-Hand Aft Cabin Bulkhead Six (6) 12.1” LCD Personal Monitors in Each of the Six (6) Single Seat Inboard Armrests, One (1) 26″ LCD Monitor with Electric Lift and Swivel Mounted in the Right-Hand Credenza. The forward full-service main galley features a refrigerator, microwave oven, high-temp oven, coffee maker, Iacobucci dual cup Nespresso/Espresso maker, galley sink with cold/hot potable water, dual ice drawers, crystal/flatware/china specific storage, canned & bottled drink storage, and ample miscellaneous storage drawers.



Completed August 2013 @ Gulfstream – Savannah, GA
Overall Matterhorn White with Phantom Gray Pearl and Cumulus Gray accent striping.

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