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19 Passenger Configuration
4 ACTs
KA-Band High-Speed Internet



Manufacture Date: October 2021
Time Since New: 180:45 Hours
Cycles Since New: 70



Safran LEAP-1A26CJ

Engine #1
Time Since New: 180:45 Hours
Cycles Since New: 70

Engine #2
Time Since New: 180:45 Hours
Cycles Since New: 70



Honeywell 131-9(A)
Time Since New: 359 Hours
Cycles Since New: 231



Increased MTOW 77.3 t, MLW 63.9 t, MZFW 60.3 t
15 knots Tailwind Certification at Take-Off and Landing
Aircraft Operation on runways from 30m to 45m wide
ETOPS EASA 180 min (instead of 120 min)
Black arrows instead of red arrows on escape route area
US and metric units for cargo compartment height placards
Placard for flight crew oxygen system
Installation of an insulation cover for ozone converters
Installation of combined VOC/ozone catalytic converters – BASF CORPORATION, PN 44018005 Installation of ROPS
FM kits (Rel. 2 – FMGC H3PC19) / MCDU basic equip – HONEYWELL assoc. with CFM engines Activation of FMS 4D Required Time of Arrival (RT A)
Auto. progr. EL T (406 AF lntegra) with prog. dongle and remote control panel – THALES(SFE) -Capable to transmit the last aircraft GPS position (lat, long)
Installation of SATCOM cockpit voice interface – basic ACP installation
Installation of Iridium SATCOM system – L-3 COMMUNICATIONS
Installation of 4th TRU for Corporate / VIP A/C
Cargo holds fire extinguishers extended duration for ETOPS 180 min
Water/waste freezing protection for turnaround, prolonged parking and extended flight conditions
Indication of metric altitude on Primary Flight Display (PFD)
Pilot reading lights alternate equipment – swivel mounted cockpit reading lights (LED) Installation of aspirated Total Air Temperature (TAT) probes
QNH/QFE BARO setting
RNP AR / SAAAR capability (STEP 3)
Integrated Standby Instrument System (ISIS) optional function – BARO setting in inHg and altitude in meter
Radio altitude automatic callouts
Wiring provision for A TSA W – standard
iMMR – HONEYWELL – Install Standard L2.2 (without integrated VOR)
Activation of GLS function on Honeywell iMMR
Installation of in-situ replenishment facility for cockpit oxygen cylinder (ACJ)
Installation of auxiliary compressor in the potable water pressurization system
Activation of ATSU ARINC 623 ATS applications compatible with FANS C (datalink recording capable)
Installation of FANS C/4D (CSB9)
Installation of additional fluid barriers for APU access doors – standard (2020)
Fuselage and wings extended corrosion prevention – Application of Type Ill Corrosion Inhibitor (Cl)+ Water Repellent Fluid (WRF) on additional areas
Full deactivation of aft passenger/crew/service doors (door 4)
Belly fairing panels – extrusion strips
Ram air inlet leading edge protection
Installation of erosion protection on vertical stabilizer leading edge



Cabin Configuration: 19 Passengers TTOL (24 Seating Positions)
Galley Location: Forward
Lavatory Location: Two (2) Forward Lavatories and One (1) Aft Washroom
Crew Area: Yes, Forward. One (1) Club Single Club Seat
Guest Area: Eight (8) Single Club Seats
Dining Area: Ten (10) Single Club Seats and Two (2) Dining Table
VIP Lounge: Two (2) Single Club Seats with a Fold-Out Table opposite a 3-Place Divan
Bedroom: One (1) Fixed Bed opposite Credenzas

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