AIRBUS ACJ319 S/N 4151


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14 Passenger Configuration
One Meticulous Private Owner Since New
Partial Refurbishment in 2019
High-Speed Data



Total Time Since New: 2,530:34 Hours
Total Landings Since New: 1,047 Landings



International Aero Engines V2527M-A5

Engine #1
Serial Number: V15335
Total Hours Since New: 2,530:34
Total Cycles Since New: 1,047

Engine #2
Serial Number: V15336
Total Hours Since New: 2,530:34
Total Cycles Since New: 1,047



Honeywell 131-9[AJ
Serial Number: P-442
Total Hours Since New: 3,961
Total Cycles Since New: 2,519



High Altitude Airport Operation: This supplement is applicable to operate the aircraft to/from airports with a pressure altitude above 9 200 ft
Narrow Runway Operation: This supplement allows operation to/from runways less than 45m, but not less than 30m
Tailwind Increased to 15 kts: This option allow landing and take-off with increased tailwinds up to 15 kts
Increased Max Take-Off Weight: This option increases Max Take-off weight to 76.5 tons
CPDLC: Two DCDU (Datalink Control and Display Units) for CPDLC operation
FANS+: The aircraft is fully FANS+ capable (Future Air Navigation System)
D-A TIS, PDC and OCL: D-ATIS, PDC (Pre-Departure Clearance), OCL (Oceanic Clearance) these optional applications are available
True North Reference Polar Navigation: This option enables Polar navigation. A MAG/TRUE North Reference switch enables switching from HOG-indication to True North indication
QFE Operation (Russia, CIS): Option of pin programming for QFE selection activated. This is very useful when flying to airports using QFE as Barometric reference
EFB Capable (for iPad): Option installed containing USB-charging point and iPad­mount, enabling unrestricted EFB operation
Reinforced Cockpit Document Stowage Box Installed: Fire-resistant stowage box installed for possible EFB-iPad­battery fire
4th Cockpit Jump Seat: A 4th cockpit jump seat is installed, including the associated oxygen provision
Airstairs: Onboard airstairs installed to make the operation independent from ground equipment
4 ACTs: To increase range to 4’800 NM still air
KA-Band Cabin Internet: Antenna and router installed for high-speed internet in the cabin
UV-Potable Water Sterilizers: 2 UV-sterilizers installed to grant germ-free potable water to all faucets
Staff Area: One Electrical Door with a Foot-Pushbutton
Master VIP Seat: One Electrical Master VIP Seat
Aft Lavatory: Two Sinks, Toilet and Shower
Entertainment: Blu-Ray, CD, DVD, Apple TV, Playstation, VGA, iPad and Wireless Charging Base

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