2021 BOEING BBJ MAX 8 S/N 63431


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Green Aircraft, Zero Passenger Certification
7 Auxiliary Fuel Tanks
Low Cabin Altitude Mod



Manufacturer/ Model: Boeing 737-8 BBJ MAX 8
Serial Number: 63431
Entry Into Service: February 2021
Time Since New: Delivery Hours
Cycles Since New: Delivery Cycles



Model: CFM LEAP-1B28B1

Engine #1
Time Since New: Delivery Hours
Cycles Since New: Delivery Cycles

Engine #2
Time Since New: Delivery Hours
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Completion Weight Allowance is 19,300 LB (8,754 Kg)

7 Auxiliary Fuel Tanks Installed – ALOFT long-range auxiliary fuel tank system consisting of Seven (7) tanks (STC based certification). BBJ two (2) tanks forward, five (5) tanks aft

Category IIIA Automatic Approach and Landing

Airplane Flight Manual

Instrumentation, Airplane Manuals and Fuel Measuring Sticks in Metric Units – Temperature in Degrees Celsius

SATCOM – System Installation – Iridium SATCOM Avionics Equipment ICS-300 – Rockwell Collins – BFE/SPE

CMU – Installation Of Rockwell Collins ARINC 758 FANS-2 Capable CMU – P/N 822- 1239-151 – BFE/SPE

Communications Management Unit (CMU) – Service Provider Software – ARINC Preferred Engine Oil Quantity Display – Liters – Engine Display

Flight Director Command Display – Split Axis – ADI

Wheels And Tires – Nose Landing Gear – Wheels – Goodrich – Installation With SFE 12 PR, 235 Mph Rated Radial Tires

Brakes – Carbon – Goodrich

Wheels And Tires – Main Landing Gear – Wheels For Carbon Brakes – Goodrich – Installation With 30-PR, 235 Mph Radial Tires

Ground Proximity Warning System Altitude Callouts – 2500, 1000, 500, 100, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, Approaching Minimums, Minimums

Flight Management Computer System (FMCS) – Optional Feature – JAA Flight Rules

Flight Management Computing System – Air Traffic Services Data Link and Aeronautical

Telecommunication Network with Protected Mode Controller-pilot Data Link Communication – FANS-2 Activation

Flight Management Computing System (FMCS) – Baro VNAV Temperature Compensation – Enable

Flight Management Computing System (FMCS) – Integrated GPS/Inertial – Enable

Low Cabin Altitude Mod – Reduces cabin altitude from eight thousand (8,000) feet to six thousand, five hundred (6,500) feet (STC based certification). Note: Reference Master Change kit 3462K3AEB

Smoke & Fire Suppression System – Smoke detection and fire suppression system modification required with installation of auxiliary fuel tank system (STC based certification)

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