2014 BOEING BBJ S/N 60406


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Very Low Hours
Eight (8) Auxiliary Fuel Tanks
Head-Up Display
VIP Master Suite w/ Lavatory Shower
18 Passenger Configuration
Cabin Interior Noise Reduction Kit
EASA & FAA Capable
SwiftBroadband Internet



Total Time Since New 447 Hours
Total Landings Since New 185 Landings
Entry into Service Date December 2015 ( After Completion)
Maintenance Tracking FlightDocs
Certification EASA & FAA Capable



  Left Engine Right Engine
Description CFM International CFM56-7B
Serial Numbers 660194 660198
Total Hours Since New 447 Hours 447 Hours
Total Cycles Since New 185 Cycles 185 Cycles
HSI Due / Overhaul On Condition



Description Honeywell GTCP 131-9B
Serial Number P-10391
APU Total Time Since New 604 Hours
HSI Due / Overhaul On Condition



Type of Unit Quantity Unit Description
EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System) Six-Tube Honeywell
ADIRS (Air Data Inertial Reference System) Dual ARINC 704
ACARS Single ARINC 758
APM (Airplane Personal Module) Single ARINC 607 Type II included in ACARS
FMCS (Flight Management Computer System) Dual ARINC 702
DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) Dual Collins DME-900 / ARINC 709
GPS (Global Positioning System) Dual ARINC 755
ADF (Automatic Direction Finder) Dual Collins ADF-900 / ARINC 712
ILS (Instrument Landing System) Dual Integrated in MMR
MMR (Multi-Mode Receiver) Dual Collins GLU-925 / ARINC 755
HUD (Head-Up Display) Single Collins HGS-4000 (per STC No. ST00845SE)
VHF COM (Very High Freq. Communications) Triple Collins VHF-2100 / ARINC 750 FM-Immune 8.33kHz
HF COM (High Freq. Communications) Dual Collins HFS-900D / ARINC 719
SATCOM (Satellite Communications) Single EMS AMT-3800 (STC ST11121SC / EASA 10053109)
ATC (Air Traffic Control) Single ARINC 718A
VOR / Market Beacon Receivers Dual Collins VOR-900 / ARINC 711
WRADAR (Weather Radar) Single Collins WRT-2100 / ARINC 708A (Predictive Windshear)
RADAR ALT (Radar Altimeter) Dual ARINC 707 (Cat IIIB Operations)
XPNDR (Transponder) Dual Collins TPR-901 Mode S (ADS-B Out v2)
EGPWS (Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System) Single ARINC 723
TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) Single Collins TRE-920 / ARINC 735 (TCAS w/ chg 7.1)
PAS (Passenger Address System) Single ARINC 715
FDR (Flight Data Recorder) Single L-3Harris FA2100 FDR
CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder) Single L-3Harris FA2100 CVR (2Hr Capacity w/ ARINC 429)
ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter) Single Artex B406-4



Eight (8) PATS Auxiliary Fuel Tanks: Three (3) Forward and Five (5) AFT installed per FAA STC No. ST01716NY-D
Dual Class 3 EFB System
Cabin Interior Noise Reduction Kit per Aerocon Engineering Company FAA STC No. ST01635LA, EASA.IM.A.S.03076
Aft Wing fairing Acoustic Treatment per Aerocon Engineering Company FAA STC No. ST01568LA, EASA.IM.A.S.03088
Installation of an Executive Style Interior per FAA STC  No. ST11167SC
Cabin Altitude Reversion to 6,500ft in lieu of 8,000ft at 41,000 Feet Flight Altitude Modification (SB#737-21-1149 #ST01697SE)
Installation of Smoke Detection / Fire Suppression System (ST00405LA-D)



Display / TV Monitors Three (2) Bulkhead Monitors and One (1) Side Facing Monitor
Airshow System Airshow
Connectivity Media Playback HDMI, VGA inputs and DVD Players



Number of Passengers Eighteen (18)
Galley Location Forward
Forward Lounge Configuration Three (3) Place Side Facing + One (1) Fwd Facing Divan
Mid Lounge Configuration Six (6) Place Dining/Conference Table
Aft Lounge Configuration Single (1) Seat Opposite Three (3) Place Side Facing Divan and Two (2) Place Side Facing + Two (2) Place Fwd Facing Divan
Master Suite Configuration Master Bedroom With a Full-Size Bed
Lavatory Locations Forward Lavatory
Aft Master Lavatory w/ Shower
Crew Rest Yes, Three Place Divan
Jumpseat Yes, Dual



Base Paint Colors Dark Blue, Blue and Grey
Paint Date Original

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